monkey business kid's boutique

baby registry

How it Works:

  1. Come into Monkey Business and select items that you want to add on to your registry
  2. Set an "end date" on which your registry will expire. For example, one or two months after your baby is due
  3. We will keep an itemized list for you in our computer, and as your friends and relatives purchase items, we will keep track of it for you. Make sure you tell everyone to let us know that you are registered with Monkey Business.

Benefits to you:

  1. You can direct your friends and family to items you need and want for your baby
  2. You earn a 10% store credit** on items purchased from your registry, up to your expiry date. For example, if $300 dollars in merchandise is purchased from your registry, you would receive a $30 dollar store credit to purchase whatever you want!

Tips for completing your registry:

  1. Come in at least a few months before your due date - often a number of showers are held for a new baby, both before and after baby is born.
  2. Be as specific or general as you want. For example, you may want specific sleepers (pink gagou tagou sleeper with bunny), or you just may want a quantity in a specific size (8 sleepers in size 3 months).
  3. Don't be afraid to register for higher priced items. You may find that people will go in on a gift, or someone will want to splurge on your baby.
  4. While we are not discouraging it, remember that if you are registering for seasonal clothing, we may not have it in stock at the time of purchase. May we suggest welcoming gift certificates, that way you can come and pick the seasonal items.
  5. Allow about 2 hours to go through the store - that way you can make sure you have seen everything, if you want custom orders on some of room decor, we will have plenty of time for that.

**Store credit is not generated on sale of gift certificates - merchandise only.